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Located in the northwest of Bermuda , Hamilton Parish incorporates just over 2.3 miles, is the capital of Bermuda and named for the 16th century Marquess of Hamilton. Despite having a city-wide population of between 950 and 1500, Hamilton does a booming trade in international business, insurance, and investment funds, …

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Things to see and do in Hamilton

CB Gaines | Trip by SkyscannerCrystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Dorothy B | Trip by SkyscannerHorseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay
Mrs Self | Trip by SkyscannerWarwick Long Bay
Warwick Long Bay
jmd41280 | FlickrFort Hamilton
Fort Hamilton
kansasphoto | FlickrQueen Elizabeth Park Par La Ville
Queen Elizabeth Park Par La Ville
Kenneth C | Trip by SkyscannerClearwater Beach
Clearwater Beach

Reviews of Hamilton

Thirsty Eli
Thirsty Eli

Peaceful! Go and turn off, especially during the off season Like having a private island to yourself. Sublime. But only if you are comfortable driving a scooter!

HAYDEEBrooklyn, New York State, USA

Bermuda is stunning this beach is amazing with pink sand that feels like powder!!

CB Gaines
CB GainesSurfside, Florida, USA

Took a personal walking tour my 1st day here. Beautiful parks and friendly greetings from people.

Samuel Saidel-Goley
Samuel Saidel-GoleyBedford

Not a bad place to spend an afternoon if you are in Bermuda. Lots of boutique shops and plenty of dining but the prices are a bit higher than the States.