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If you are into architecture or urban planning, you have to visit the Brazilian federal capital, Brasilia (in the Central-West region of the country). The city was designed by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956, and formally became Brazil’s capital in 1960. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage …

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Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

Brasília is the capital of Brazil since 1960 and seat of government of the Federal District. The city is located on the Brazilian highlands, designed and planned well with modern architecture.

Thais Guimaraes
Thais GuimaraesSão Paulo, Brazil

I had a love and hate relationship with Brasilia. It was fun to know and visit the national monuments and buildings but at the same time the heat, the city's architecture and the fact that no map app can get the way the streets were designed didn't help. Be ready to get lost and to only find food and drinks in the commercial sectors of the city, because the hotel and the monuments sectors weren't meant to have food and drinks.

Carl Koytzan
Carl KoytzanRenton, Washington, USA

Most of the countries I have been too I have always gone to the capital city. However, if you fly into this city OK. But do not waste your time to make a special trip to see this city. This is an artificial city meaning that nothing here existed prior to the mid 60's. The government people that must work here leave Friday afternoon to return to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or elsewhere for the weekend. The city is empty on the weekends. I stood in the middle of the major freeway without traffic driving by me on a Saturday afternoon. If you are in the city go see the government buildings, they look like Dominoes lined up and the Cathedral as well as the Government Palace. This is all within 2 square blocks. After that, make other plans as there is no reason to stay.

Nanda Lacerda
Nanda LacerdaBelo Horizonte, Brazil

The temple has a shape of a pyramid with 7 sides with the largest crystal found in the region on the top. Under the crystal people can follow a spiral path while praying, meditating or seeking power. It's facilities also have a meditation hall and an art gallery.

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