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Florianopolis is the capital of Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil. The city consists of a continental section, one main island, and numerous smaller islands. Having been variously named as “party destination of the year” in 2009, one of the “10 most dynamic cities of the world” in 2006 and …

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viajeglobal | Trip by SkyscannerLagoa da Conceição
Lagoa da Conceição
Bibiana De Carli | Trip by SkyscannerPraia Joaquina
Praia Joaquina
Elaine Reis | Trip by SkyscannerJurere Internacional
Jurere Internacional
Brittany Iverson | Trip by Skyscannerpraia mole
praia mole
Dania Mazzi | Trip by SkyscannerPraia do Campeche
Praia do Campeche
Bibiana De Carli | Trip by SkyscannerBarra da Lagoa
Barra da Lagoa
viajeglobal | Trip by SkyscannerIguatemi Florianópolis
Iguatemi Florianópolis
Marcelo Pinho | Trip by SkyscannerSanto Antônio de Lisboa
Santo Antônio de Lisboa
Joshua von Niessen | Trip by SkyscannerPraia do Forte
Praia do Forte
Lena Salvadori | Trip by SkyscannerPraia Brava
Praia Brava

Reviews of Florianopolis

Mariane Borges
Mariane Borges

Florianopolis the magical Island! 43 amazing beaches, good food, Azores architecture and amazing people!

ByronDallas, Texas

Florianopolis is great for a non-Rio Brazil destination. It's a laid-back beach town. Definitely brush up on your Portuguese, though.

Steve Hunter
Steve HunterNew York City, New York State, USA

Quote possibly the #1 place I want to go back to. My favorite beach in the world is Praia Mole. I never even made it to the city since I went out at night in the nearby Lagoa...Beautiful beaches, good food, surfing, beautiful women...I just pray it never gets overdeveloped...

Nanda Lacerda
Nanda LacerdaBelo Horizonte, Brazil

Great city in the south of Brazil. Amazing beaches to enjoy on summertime and yes... snow ... on winter. Believe or not !

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