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Dreaming of a vacation in Brazil? Look no further than Santo Angelo. It has something for everyone including Angelopolitana Cathedral in Santo Ângelo and Praca Pinheiro Machado. Even better, vacations to Santo Angelo don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the …

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Rodrigo Guerini
Rodrigo GueriniNovo Hamburgo, Brazil

Santo Ângelo is a pleasant town with the best infrastructure for visiting the missions. It has a missionary museum in the main square where there is a cathedral with a hideous fresco of missionaries indoctrinating the indigenous population. The only considerable Jesuit remains in Brazilian territory are the very dramatic ones at São Miguel das Missões, some 50 km from Santo Ângelo

Kristine Um
Kristine UmSeoul

Paula D Quaresma de Oliveira
Paula D Quaresma de OliveiraSanto Ângelo

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