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Varna is the best example of modern lifestyle on Bulgaria's increasingly developed Black Sea Coast. The mix of various historic and modern attractions here is truly expansive, as architectural examples date from as far back as the time of the Roman Empire. The unique charm here is that these very …

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Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

Varna is a seaside resort in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. We went here as part of our river cruise and took a boat ride on the Black Sea. The resort city looks very different then most of the other cities in Bulgaria with most of it's economy based on tourism. It has a long summer which helps the tourist trade.

Birgit Coleman
Birgit ColemanPalo Alto, California, USA

Don't miss Seaside Park and then go down to the beach to some great restaurants for the sunset.

Rich Carriero
Rich CarrieroLongmont, Colorado, USA

Varna was the cornerstone of the Red Riviera in Soviet days. This town on the Black Sea and the Orient Express has a handsome old town center and several nice beach resorts. In the summer time the Black Sea is warm and there's plenty of sunshine.

Sonia Nammas
Sonia NammasAl Zarqa, Jordan

VARNA – The Sea Capital Of Bulgaria ! Varna’s origins back to almost five millennia, but it wasn’t until seafaring Greeks founded a colony here in 585 BC that the town became a port. The modern city is both a shipyard and port for incoming freighters and the navy, and a riviera town visited by tourists of every nationality. It’s a cosmopolitan place and a nice one to scroll through: Baroque, turn-of-the-century and contemporary architecture pleasantly blended with shady promenades and a handsome seaside garden. Going for Last minute holidays with your loved ones can definitely bring back the energy that you lost because of stress. Spending time with the people closest to your heart in a place as beautiful as Varna will surely make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Make sure to spend your getaway in this stunning place and you won’t regret it. This site aims to promote further Varna as famous and popular place and tries to provide you with a virtual catalogue of Varna sights and entertainments. Continue reading to know more about hotels in Varna, Varna’s nightlife, and current events and news about the Sea capital of Bulgaria.

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