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Sihanoukville is a small but growing coastal city in southern Cambodia known for its beaches. The city grew up around a busy port, and the rest of its economy is centered on tourism. Visitors flock to the city’s nice beaches which are far more relaxed than neighboring Thailand’s. These developments …

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Lils Alee | Trip by SkyscannerSihanoukville Beaches
Sihanoukville Beaches
Juno Kim | Trip by SkyscannerOtres Beach
Otres Beach
Vuthika ហង្ស | Trip by SkyscannerReam
Vuthika ហង្ស | Trip by SkyscannerPich Nil
Pich Nil
Vuthika ហង្ស | Trip by SkyscannerO Cher Tel
O Cher Tel
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerPhu Quoc Night Market
Phu Quoc Night Market
chris pimlott | Trip by SkyscannerOchherteal beach
Ochherteal beach
Mary Terlizzi | Trip by SkyscannerVagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Vagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Reviews of Sihanoukville

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

This is a town on the west coast of Cambodia which is considered to have the best beaches.It is also a major fishing port and is a popular for locals as well as tourists. We came here to do a town and village tour including a pepper plantation & farm, a market, a fishing village and a Buddhist monastery.

Stefanie Parks
Stefanie ParksNew York City

This place is amazing. I traveled here in low season, and even then I had to stay an extra day bc I liked it here so much. For a small beach town, there's a ton to do here. We stayed a block off of serendipity beach (the lively beach), which is filled with awesome restaurants and bars all for so cheap. The past few nights we had seafood feasts for $3 and whiskey/red bull buckets for $2.50. I see how people come here and never want to leave.

Kevin Krooks
Kevin KrooksStockholm, Sweden

No matter if you just want to relax on the beach or party all night long, or both, – this is the place for you. With a lot of budget choices (a dorm as cheap as 1 dollar at Utopia, but then you'll get bed bugs so be cautious) and places to eat you usually don't have to look far to find a place that suits you. Serendipity Beach is filthy some times, but usually it gets cleaned pretty fast. This is also the place to go at night if you want to party: a short walk down Serendipity Beach Road at night will surely get you a bunch of fliers that gives you free drinks. Most bars (JJ's, Nap House and Dolphin Shack are good options) have beer pong tables and usually fire shows. Just walk along the bars and you probably will find a suitable place for you. Some bars also arrange the so called "booze cruises", Dolphin Shack and JJ's are the two I know of. I've been on both, and can recommend the one arranged by Dolphin Shack. Free bucket and a good time. Note: I do not work for them. Oches Beach is further away from the night life of Serendipity Beach, but if you just want the beach this is a good area to stay close to, not as filthy. Some bars do however offer "happy pizzas", but most bars and restaurants are just bars and restaurants. I stayed here during the big fire, when The Dive Shop, Monkey Republic and Mick & Craig's were burnt down. All of these places were very popular, and it was a tragedy to see the owners and locals cry while they watched their neighborhood turn to ashes. With help from both locals and tourists however, the re-building will thankfully be finished soon.

Manfred Maar
Manfred MaarMunich, Germany

i love sihanoukville so much.....i spend my holidays every year there.....and i love the dolphin shack....its so great there

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