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Penticton gets an average of ten hours of sunshine a day. Naturally, the city draws tourists to its beautiful beaches and hiking trails. Winter sports like hockey and skiing are popular here as well. The city has a rich history dating back to when European settlers first came to the …

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Craig Kellar
Craig KellarNapa, California, USA

Great location to stay at when you want to do some wine tasting in the Okanagan region. If you haven't been to the area, picture a figure 8. In the holes of each part of the eight are two different lakes, and the lines of the 8 are basically the roads and where people live. Penticton? A very friendly and casual town in the center of the 8.

Adrienne Oelrich
Adrienne OelrichPenticton, British Columbia

lived here graduated from school and square dance here too lovely to live

Daniel Holmes
Daniel HolmesDubai

Carol Beckwall
Carol BeckwallLadysmith, British Columbia

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