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If you think the name of this bustling metropolitan oasis of around 250,000 residents is strange, consider that it is a shortened version from the word missaskquahtoomina, which is a native purple berry that grows along the nearby river here. Saskatoon is a beautiful city that, thanks to it's combination …

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Conservative town , blatant racism is pretty normal , boring , but the river bank is pretty

C Nguyen
C Nguyen

Been living here all my life. Sometimes it's boring and you run out of things to do but the local businesses are great, the culture is slowly on the rise and the city itself is beautiful during the warmer seasons.

Joanne Ellis
Joanne EllisSaskatoon, Saskatchewan

My favorite restaurant is Alexander's, here in Saskatoon. The appitizers are so good you could use two to make a meal, the salads and dressings are all unique, and the pastries are to die for. The cost is livable, and the hours are great. Open for lunch for the campus crowd, and for dinner for meeting friends.

Lindsea Hanselmann
Lindsea HanselmannSaskatoon

Top 5 favourite places to be born.

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