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Dreaming of a vacation in China? Look no further than Hohhot. It has something for everyone including dazhao temple 大召 and Wusutu Village. Even better, vacations to Hohhot don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you …

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Ali Syed
Ali SyedJeddah, Saudi Arabia

Gateway to Chinese side of Mongolia. City with full infrastructure in terms of shopping malls, MacDonalds, IMAX, etc. The Muslim Quarter is interesting with a 250 yr old mosque.

Yuki Zhang
Yuki ZhangShanghai, China

it's a very small city, poor, windy, sandy in winter. if u take a taxi, 3 euro would allow u drive through it. the impressive stuff are gathered in south, the old town.there's not much cultural trace left in the old town's everyday life, just as most chinese oldtowns. there's only that much old temples u can see. transportation is a big problem. taxi has its own rules, hard to take, no subway, inner-city bus is confusing, even no proper address,yet it's seriously traffic jammed cuz the new coming middle class can afford a car(like ranger rover..BMW X5...)

cheng zhang
cheng zhang

This is a very beautiful place that will leave you with deep memories and wonderful memories!

ㄓㄓㄓˋㄓˋㄓˋㄓㄓˋㄓㄓˋㄓㄥㄓˋㄓㄥ至政 ㄔㄔㄔㄣㄔㄣ陳
ㄓㄓㄓˋㄓˋㄓˋㄓㄓˋㄓㄓˋㄓㄥㄓˋㄓㄥ至政 ㄔㄔㄔㄣㄔㄣ陳

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