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Dreaming of a vacation in China? Look no further than Huai Hua. It has something for everyone including Yutoucun and Tongdao. Even better, vacations to Huai Hua don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

Things to see and do in Huai Hua

Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerYutoucun
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerTongdao
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerDehang Miao Village
Dehang Miao Village
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerWhite Cloud Temple
White Cloud Temple
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerXianxi Long March Museum
Xianxi Long March Museum
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerHuangdu
Casper Tollerud | Trip by SkyscannerTen Thousand Buddha Mountain
Ten Thousand Buddha Mountain

Reviews of Huai Hua

Casper Tollerud
Casper TollerudShanghai, China

Huaihua is a modern city in the far west of Hunan Province that serves as a regional center and transportation hub. The city is pretty attractive, has a bunch of good hotels and some great restaurants (food is this part of the country is generally very tasty and of high quality, but spicy for some), but don't waste too much time here. There's a quite nice old town to wander around in and a few other sights including the somewhat tacky Dong Culture City, but to see more genuine Dong culture you should go out to any of the villages in the area.

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