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The Dai people are a rice-cultivating ethnic group found in China’s southwest. Their influence is strong in Jinghong and learning more about it is what usually keeps visitors here for any significant period of time. The otherwise sleepy town is near the Sancha He Wildlife Reserve where wild elephants can …

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Juno Kim
Juno KimAnchorage, Alaska, USA

Located in the very south of China, Jing Hong is the capital of Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan. There are lots of buses connecting Jing Hong and Kunming, but it is more of a transit town for domestic and international travelers passing between China and Laos than a destination. But more than just a stop over, Jing Hong is possibly one of the most international traveler friendly towns in all of China. Most of the cafes in town offer English menus, it is easy to get wifi signals (which is not common in China), and there are many tour packages available. It is also a very walk-able city. The most popular thing to do here is visiting minority villages. The best way to do it is to purchase tour packages from one of many tour operators in city. There are also lots of temples scattered around, which are quite different from temples in other parts of China. You can also rent a bike and visit rainforest.



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