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Lhasa is a gorgeous, white walled city that sits against the Himalayas. It borders the north bank of Kyi Chu river, which is known to the locals as the "merry, blue waves." For two centuries, it was the home to Tibet's spiritual and temporal leaders, the Dalai Lamas. All Tibetan …

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Things to see and do in Lhasa

moniquz | FlickrPotala Palace
Potala Palace
kholkute | FlickrJokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple
fairlybuoyant | FlickrSera Monastery
Sera Monastery
Frances Nguyen Ha | Trip by SkyscannerBarkhor
Ssppeeeeddyy | FlickrDrepung Monastery
Drepung Monastery
Sandra Strain | Trip by SkyscannerLake Namtso
Lake Namtso
Dennis Rose | Trip by SkyscannerYamdrok Lake
Yamdrok Lake
Ssppeeeeddyy | FlickrBarkhor Square
Barkhor Square
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerNorbulingka
Sam Sam | Trip by SkyscannerGanden Monastery
Ganden Monastery

Reviews of Lhasa

Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

One of the most intriguing cities I’ve ever been in. Once you’re there, you can feel the spiritual ambiance of the culture and it’s people.

YUJING HUHefei, China

It's a good place to travel,feeling the different local culture with local people! But before you arrived in there, make sure you have a healthy body situation and enough emergency medecine,because Lhasa is a high altitude city!

Dennis Rose
Dennis RoseMerriam, Kansas, USA

An amazing city. Seriously consider medication for altitude. Be sure to take it easy the first day. Consider taking or buying a mask to help with all the smoke from incense.

Frances Nguyen Ha
Frances Nguyen HaSanta Clara, California, USA

Llhasa retains an exotic allure where the images you see look like still shots from National Geographic. I was fortunate to come here when I was 21 and was touched by Tibet's religion, people, and culture.

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