Cucuta VacationsColombia
A big, muggy, humid city with lots of restaurants, urban strip malls, and basic hotels, Cucuta is mostly just another metropolis. Still, some of the neighborhood are trendy and offer good shopping and cafe culture, but this is mostly a passing-through kind of town, and hub for flights and train …

Reviews of Cucuta

David Eastin
David EastinSantander, Spain

A little border city that is situated right across from San Antonio del Tachira, Venezuela. You can literally walk across the border if you're so daring. I recommend taking a taxi because the majority of the time they won't even stop your car. If you do get pulled over I recommend having a few extra dollars to give away (if you know what I mean).

Angelica  Acosta
Angelica Acosta

Se pasa bien, se come rico, no hay mucho tráfico

Andreita Villamizar
Andreita VillamizarCúcuta, Norte de Santander

freyman perez
freyman perez

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