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Thanks to its place on the Amazon River where Colombia, Brazil, and Peru meet, this town is wholly Colombian, but heavily influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian culture as well. Truthfully, the town is unremarkable for tourism other than as a launchpad for exploring the Amazon (and sleeping at the end …

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Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerIsla de los micos
Isla de los micos
Charles Meier | Trip by SkyscannerThe Amazon Spanish College
The Amazon Spanish College
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerReserva Natural Victoria Regia
Reserva Natural Victoria Regia
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerEl Campanario de la Catedral
El Campanario de la Catedral
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerIglesia Nuestra Señora de La Paz
Iglesia Nuestra Señora de La Paz
L.Marcio_Ramalho | FlickrMercado de Frutas
Mercado de Frutas
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerParque Santander
Parque Santander

Reviews of Leticia

Ramona Flume
Ramona FlumeAustin, Texas, USA

Leticia is Colombia's southernmost town and although the city itself is modest in size, the bustling port is one of the largest on the Amazon River. It's a lively jungle town, full of exciting street food, river exploration tours and nearby indigenous communities that visitors can experience as part of the recently championed eco-tourism in the area. Whatever attractions you choose to see, Leticia is a wonderful city to discover ancient Colombian and Amazonian ways of life.

Carlos Castillo
Carlos CastilloBogota

Taking a bath in the Amazon river. This lake is called "Yahuarcaca". Little boats and kayak are the only way to access it. Make sure you go there.

Charles Meier
Charles MeierStockholm, Sweden

Leticia in Amazonas was a beautiful experience. I studied spanish at The Amazon Spanish College (www.amazonspanishcollege.com) and met a lot of local people.

Andreitha Castillo
Andreitha CastilloLeticia, Amazonas

Supr Chevere Leticia (Y)

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