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Dreaming of a vacation in Colombia? Look no further than Valledupar. It has something for everyone including Nabusimake and Balneario La Mina. Even better, vacations to Valledupar don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

Things to see and do in Valledupar

Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerNabusimake
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerBalneario La Mina
Balneario La Mina
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerParque de Las Monedas
Parque de Las Monedas
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerLa Leyenda Vallenata Park (Parque de La Leyenda Vallenata)
La Leyenda Vallenata Park (Parque de La Leyenda Vallenata)
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerBalneario Hurtado
Balneario Hurtado
Lina Maestre | Trip by SkyscannerPlaza Alfonso Lopez
Plaza Alfonso Lopez
szeke | FlickrPaseo Vallenato Tours
Paseo Vallenato Tours
afborchert | FlickrChurch of the Conception (Iglesia de la Concepción)
Church of the Conception (Iglesia de la Concepción)

Reviews of Valledupar

Pasquale Pacicca
Pasquale PaciccaPanama city, Panama

Valledupar is a city and municipality in northeastern Colombia. It is the capital of Cesar Department and was founded in 1550 by the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Santana. Its name, Valle de Upar (Valley of Upar), was established in honor of the Amerindian cacique who ruled the valley; Cacique Upar. The city lies between the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serrania del Perija to the borders of the Guatapurí and Cesar rivers.[3] Valledupar is an important agricultural, cattle raising, and agro-industrial center for the region between the Departments of Cesar and southern municipalities of La Guajira Department, formerly known as the Padilla Province. Valledupar is notable as the cradle of vallenato music, representative of the Colombian culture. The city hosts the Vallenato Legend Festival. During the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, the city suffered during the Colombian Armed Conflict, with numerous kidnappings,[4] thousands of people forced out[5] and failure to control crime, especially attacks on journalists.[6] Valledupar has one of Colombia's most modern maximum security prisons.[7]

Oriana Carrascal
Oriana Carrascal

Pueblo bello

Lina Maestre
Lina MaestreBogota, Colombia

Valledupar is a city located on the north coast of Colombia. It has no direct access to the sea, but it has an impressive historical legacy, which manifests itself in churches and in nearby indigenous communities with which travelers can come into contact. In Valledupar, the sounds of vallenato music, which are paid tribute to various monuments, make the atmosphere brighter. In the surroundings it is possible to visit marshes, rivers, parks and other natural sites, as well as a unique local cuisine in the region. It is known for being the heart of vallenato, a musical rhythm through which popular legends and myths are told. Touring the city under the shade of thousands of mango trees, bathing in the river, enjoying a night out with friends, are plans that make Valledupar a different city from the rest of the Caribbean Coast.

Jesus  Guillen
Jesus Guillen

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