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Osijek, the economic and cultural hub of Slavonia, sits along the bank of the Drava River. Known for its open spaces and Baroque style, the city is one of many recreational and cultural activities. Take a walk and enjoy the views along the pedestrian bridge over Drava. Visit the Co-cathedral …

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Mrs. Gemstone | FlickrMuseum of Slavonia
Museum of Slavonia
grendelkhan | FlickrPortanova
clpo13 | FlickrChurch of Sts. Peter and Paul
Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

Reviews of Osijek

AlexNew York City, New York State, USA

I've been there a lot of times and I really liked it. People are nice and kind and everything fell alright. It's not a very big town but I can feel the warmth in people which I really like. We tried some drinks and food and we loved it. It was so delicious and different. I would like to go again just because of the drink and the food haha! But if you ever find yourself in Croatia, visit Slavonija which is so underrated and deserves more fame.

Luksa F
Luksa F

We wanted to visit Slavonija for a very long time, so last summer we finally did it. We were already saw a lot of places in Slavonija, so this was of one the few it got left. But we really love it. It's not a very big city but it's not small either. They got a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, some really nice hotels; everything. Most of them knows how to speak English, but if they don't then they speak German...but I think you will not find Croatian who does not speak English that easily. But yeah, everyone goes to the sea coast, but I recommend you to visit Slavonija, too...especially because it's not too crowded.

Leigh Virkus
Leigh VirkusPittsford (town), New York

We mainly went to this city for a home hosted visit on our river cruise. These visits are some of our best memories of the tour as you get to interact with the people of the country. We went to a small farm and had lunch. Even though they spoke very little English ( and we spoke no Croatian) we were able to communicate - using a little German helped.

Dražen Duvnjak
Dražen Duvnjak

Uhh my hometown! What else to say but just the best!

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