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Pula is a beautiful coastal city in northern Croatia known for wine production, seafood, and its extensive Roman ruins. The area was first settled over one million years ago, and archaeological sites abound. The most popular and well preserved are the Roman ruins, which include the full Pula amphitheater (the …

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Things to see and do in Pula

Snjezana | Trip by SkyscannerPula Arena
Pula Arena
Sandra P | Trip by SkyscannerRoman Forum Pula
Roman Forum Pula
Max Hodge | Trip by SkyscannerArch of the Sergii
Arch of the Sergii
Sandra P | Trip by SkyscannerTemple of Augustus
Temple of Augustus
Helena L | Trip by SkyscannerFratarski otok
Fratarski otok
Sandra P | Trip by SkyscannerZerostrasse
Branka R | Trip by SkyscannerKastel
Max Hodge | Trip by SkyscannerCathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin (Pula Cathedral)
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin (Pula Cathedral)
Claudia Tavani | Trip by SkyscannerArea Archeologica di Nora
Area Archeologica di Nora

Reviews of Pula

John Gray
John Gray

Great historical sites especially Pula arena. The beaches are lovely but pebbles. Great food and drink at very reasonable prices.

Backpacker Mike
Backpacker MikeClermont, Florida, USA

I absolutely loved Pula. The people were very nice and they have so much rich Roman history and more there. It is a nice spot to go where the tourists haven't really invaded yet. The culture is amazing and you can take day boat trips to explore the Istrian Peninsula. Places to stay are a great price and you get your money's worth in Pula.

Mitja R
Mitja R

In Pula is main atractions the only one Roams Coloseum in the world which is complete..its similar as in Rome-Italy but smaller and complete,as the on ein Rome is not complete and damaged!

OgnjenaOstarski Stanovi, Croatia

The wealth of Roman architecture makes otherwise workaday Pula (ancient Polensium) a standout among Croatia’s larger cities. The star of the show is the remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheatre, smack in the heart of the city, which dominates the streetscape and doubles as a venue for summer concerts and festivals. Historical attractions aside, Pula is a busy commercial city on the sea that has managed to retain a friendly small-town appeal. Just a short bus ride away, a series of beaches awaits at the resorts that occupy the Verudela Peninsula to the south. Although marred with residential and holiday developments, the coast is dotted with fragrant pine groves, seaside cafes and a clutch of good restaurants. Further south along the indented shoreline, the Premantura Peninsula hides a spectacular nature park, the protected cape of Kamenjak.

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