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Larnaca, on the southern coast of Cyprus, is believed to be the oldest city on the island, with evidence of habitation up to 6,000 years ago. Today, Larnaca is divided into an older city center and a lengthy sprawl of hotels and restaurants along the beach. The city is known …

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Yvette G
Yvette G

The main town of Larnaca is only a 20 minute drive from Fig Tree Villa, just past the airport which is only 10 minutes away. I am sure that you will want to spend a lot of time exploring the beautiful town of Larnaca as there is much to do and see there. The features of Larnaca city include the bustling promenade of Finikoudes - which is lined with mature palm trees, flanked by beach, the marina, eateries and entertainment - and its joining sea walkway of Piale Pasha, which passes by quaint old neighbourhoods and fresh fish taverns towards Mackenzie. The parallel shopping centre with its traditional architecture puts everything at your fingertips, whilst the famous Salt Lake that fills with flocks of vibrant pink flamingos in the winter months attracts visitors for its natural beauty and ecological value. Larnaca town is also significant for both Christians and Moslems. The most revered monuments of the two are included in the main attractions of the city: the Church of Agios Lazaros, the patron saint of the town who Jesus resurrected and held dear as a friend; and the mosque of Hala Sultan – an important place of pilgrimage for Moslems that is flanked by the Salt Lake.

Debbie Ryan
Debbie RyanAndover, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Cyprus is a place of beautiful history and scenic views,so picturesque,and plenty of nightlife,bars and restaurants.and not forgetting the lovely beaches especially FIG TREE BAY,beautiful and safe for the little ones,enjoy ;-) recommend all areas of cyprus no dissapointment,just plenty of sun cream !!!!!!

Beponika Canika
Beponika CanikaLondon, United Kingdom

Loved Larnaca - suitable for swimmers and romantics. Nice bars and restuarants. Good relax place and very nice walk on the pavements. Nice pleasure day and night. Good sand, sea and sun. Very nice Greek Orthodox church and shops. Would definately to go back to Larnaca for holiday.

Sharone Zitzman
Sharone ZitzmanJerusalem, Israel

Even with a free ticket from Israel (which is apparently only a half an hour flight) I can literally say that this trip was a flop. What a time warp. We got off the plane and it felt like we landed in 1974. Even 5 stars (the only 5 star hotel in all of Larnaca mind you) is completely subject to interpretation. I feel like I'd have better accommodations in prison. Maybe I'm being overly critical - but really not the best trip I've ever taken. Our "day trip" to visit Larnaca (since the hotel area is about a half an hour outside the city) - winded up being 2 hours (where we feel we really got to see every last uninteresting nook and cranny). Not recommended. I hear Aya Napa and that area would have been a more successful venture - but I don't think I'm going to visit Cyprus again anytime soon to verify that. Things they've never heard of in Cyprus - vegetarian, wifi.

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