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At the confluence of the Rio Napo and Rio Coca is capitol of the Orellana province. You’ll find no shortage of accommodation, dining options, and tour agencies that will take you into the surrounding jungles. Coca is by no means a bustling metropolis despite a boom from the oil industry …

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The Green Gatsby
The Green GatsbyFrederick, Maryland, USA

Sultry, wild and chaotic - this is a frontier town at it's best. Unlike it's sister, Lago Agrio, Coca is a bit more organized and a good degree less dangerous. Nevertheless, this is frontier country. This is where fortunes are made and lost, and adventures begin and end. The town itself doesn't have that much to show for itself, but it evokes a spirit of challenge that compels visitors on to experience far flung locations in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I've passed through here many a time on an jungle excursions, and I wouldn't mind having my ashes tossed around it's Napo shoreline. This place has a pioneer spirit that cannot be quelled.

Mayra Valladares
Mayra Valladares

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