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Abu Simbel is a very small town in southern Egypt. Its principle draw is its proximity to the Abu Simbel temple complex, an ancient and iconic monument to Pharaoh Ramesses II. Massive statues of the Pharaoh and his queen, Nefertiti, loom over the temple entrances, and the carvings within are …

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Temples of Abu Simbel

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HaroldBrooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

There is very little to Abu Simbel other than the famous temples. The airport is functional and this is a reasonable place to stop for a break as you transit to / from Sudan or wait to embark on a cruise of Lake Nasser. Be aware that frequent sand storms can cause flight delays. Try to avoid tight connections.

Jackie K
Jackie KSingapore, Singapore

Another great temple with full of Egyptian wisdom. In Feb and Oct every year, the natural sunlight light up the inner sanctum of the temple.

dEstinYSingapore, Singapore

Really amazing; especially the white sand contract with the blue sky and no civilisation in sight. Everybody should see it once!

Marian L
Marian LLos Angeles, California, USA

This is the most amazing attraction I've ever laid my eyes on! Do not miss out on this if you are visiting Egypt. It is worth the extra plane ride. Not only is it a historic marvel, but an engineering marvel as well.

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