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Rovaniemi is the administrative capital of Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland. Settled since the Stone Age, the city’s natural resources promoted its growth in the 19th century. Unfortunately, World War II brought devastation, when invading German forces demolished the town. Since rebuilt, the city is today known for its natural beauty …

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Karolina Patryk | Trip by SkyscannerSanta Claus Village
Santa Claus Village
Karolina Patryk | Trip by SkyscannerRovaniemi Airport
Rovaniemi Airport
Maan @Travel Binge | Trip by SkyscannerArktikum-palvelu Oy
Arktikum-palvelu Oy
Karolina Patryk | Trip by SkyscannerSanta Claus Reindeer
Santa Claus Reindeer

Reviews of Rovaniemi

Leow Cheng Lam
Leow Cheng LamKlang, Malaysia

This morning we board a flight to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi. We will enjoy Lappish Dinner and visit Santa Claus Village. Here we also experienced the trill of riding a snowmobile along frozen river and through forests covered with snow.

Rachel S
Rachel SBerlin, Germany

Situated on the Arctic Circle, this Finnish town is most famous for its Santa Claus Village -- the actual North Pole. Santa's home is covered with letters in many languages from kids around the world. There's a colorful village selling Christmas goodies year round and, this being Finland, offering ample coffee and salmon. It's a cute, clean, and chilly town that made this Californian feel like December had arrived even though I visited in August.

Svetlana S
Svetlana SSan Francisco

Ok, first of all, Santa lives here. I met him a few years ago and well, it was a funny experience because we had quite the language barrier. Aside from the fact that you should visit Rovaniemi to see Santa, this also happens to be the largest town in all of Europe ( fun fact) and also probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Finland in itself is one of the most unique and beautiful countries I have visited. I've been lucky to spend about two months in Finland through the last few years and of all the places I have seen, Rovaniemi is the most unique culturally and aesthetically! When you go to Santa's workshop, there is a gift shop and from there you can buy all of you loved ones gifts and send them with a stamp from the North Pole! How cool is that?!

London Lees
London LeesLondon

Only those who have been very good get to visit this special village where Santa and his elves have their workshop and reindeer !

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