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Brest is a bustling military harbor and port in northwestern France. After the city was destroyed during World War II, it was rebuilt and today thrives as a busy university town. Sights include Recouvrance Bridge and the Tanguy tower.

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Tour Du Monde
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Pointe du Minou
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Reviews of Brest

Jackie B
Jackie B

Since Roman times Brest has been the site of a fortress town due to its large natural harbour and its difficult access by land making it very easy to defend. However this fortified position worked against it during the second world war as Brest was destroyed by allied bombers in order to prevent it being used by the Germans. This does not mean that there is nothing of interest for the visitor as certain important sites have been carefully restored, the castle and the Tanguy tower for example. The heart of Brest is a good example of post war architecture and Brest retains a great deal of its charm. The town center has a Fine Art Museum and the St Louis building has remarkable stained glass windows. The visitor may also wish to take in the sights of the commercial port and the Oceanopolis (a spectacular multi-level aquarium). The local tourist office organizes tours of the town and museums and there are boat trips to many of the islands around the coast.

DesiLos Angeles, California, USA

A very friendly and clean environment. Don't expect a lot of exciting activities, but more on the experiencing local culture. It's a quint little place. But not a place you want stay for more then 5 days. And it would be better if you rent a car that I didn't get to do, because there are a few places you could actually visit a bit further out to the coast. A nice quiet get away place to explore new cities, that are not crowded with lots of tourist. Oh and make sure to get a taxi contact from the taxi driver you took last from the train station or airport.. Because there isn't many taxi around the street.

Ulrich Kronenberg
Ulrich KronenbergErkelenz, Germany

harbor street

Allan Le Bezvoët
Allan Le Bezvoët

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