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Known for its wine, the Battle of Tours, and the Paris-Tours road bike race, Tours is a major city located in the center of France. The Cathedral of Tours is one of the city's main architectural masterpieces, built in 1170 and representing both Gothic and Renaissance styles. Citizens of Tours …

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rouilleralain | FlickrPlan d'eau de Hommes
Plan d'eau de Hommes
Sylvain Naudin | FlickrJardin Botanique de Tours
Jardin Botanique de Tours
Leow Cheng Lam | Trip by SkyscannerPrintemps
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerSavonnières
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerGolf La Gloriette
Golf La Gloriette
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerBoulevard Béranger
Boulevard Béranger
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerVignoble Alain Robert
Vignoble Alain Robert
Shagshag | FlickrChemin de Fer de Rillé
Chemin de Fer de Rillé
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerLes Astuces de Laurent
Les Astuces de Laurent
Marie | Trip by SkyscannerLes Astuces de Laurent
Les Astuces de Laurent

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Charming old town, with Monuments, Museums, the Town Hall; Huge old houses Middle-age, cafés, restaurants: Place Plumereau. Shopping rue Nationale, rue des Halles: shoes, fashion, Vintage.Galeries. Antiques: rue de la Scellerie. a Delicious pastry: La Chocolatière.

Ann P
Ann P

Visit the local city of Tours which has a mediaeval Place Plumereau, Cathedral and lots of good shops and restaurants

Rich Carriero
Rich CarrieroLongmont, Colorado, USA

Tours was essentially an American army base during WWI and was devastated by World War II. It has since recovered nicely and retains much of its medieval character. Of course the city is most famous as the site where Charles Martel stopped the Moors and prevented Islamic conquest of France during the 8th century. Today Tours is a handsome town with many parks and squares perfect for strolling.

Timothy B
Timothy BToronto, Canada

TOURS (90 mins from our house) a big commercial centre down the river from Blois. The old town is a maze of little walking streets, filled with specialty shops and restaurants. And there’s a large modern street that features branches of the great department stores of Paris. The most wonderful square of the old town is Place Plumereau (left) where the houses date from medieval times.

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