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This capital city is situated on a little island where the Gambia River and Atlantic Ocean meet. Banjul has more of a seaside town feel to it, as things move a bit more leisurely. Be sure to enjoy a delicious seafood meal, or try some local peanut dishes. Things to …

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tjabeljan | FlickrRoyal Albert Market
Royal Albert Market

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donna  storey
donna storey

wstayed at palm beach but spent all of our time at kunta kinte next bar to the beach all the lads on the beach who work doing the beds. Are fantastic Abraham(the tall one with dreads), Denis, lamin they made our holiday I would reccommend asking for them at kunta kinte they spent all holiday with our son. They work all day moving beach beds and helping people on the beach and only get what tips you put in the box and share between 6 so if you go please don't forget to tip these boys as that is there food for the day this as been the best holiday ever. And just booked for Xmas for 3 weeks staying at kunta kinte bungalows. please go you will not regret it thank you Donna x

Rachel S
Rachel SBerlin, Germany

Banjul, filled with charming colonial buildings and one of the largest seaside markets in West Africa, exudes an irresistible charm. It has many historical monuments and is -- save for some pickpocketing at Albert Market -- overall safe for tourists to walk around.

ErrisLondon, UK

My brother and I stayed in a eco lodge called Footsteps. The guy who owns it is really fun. The food was fantastic as it was very close to the sea. From the lodge we could walk to the beach and have lunch on the beach by a fishing village. Gambia transport is incredibly slow they call is "Gambia time" because it is all so slow. It is a very poor area, that makes their money from peanuts and peanut oil. Banjul has hurly burly markets, that sell stuff you are likely to find in camden market. It is an experience in its self because you are walking across a long sand road, that when the wind blows everything gets sandy. I would recommend taking taxis (and haggling for them) because the buses are sooo slow. The gambian people are very friendly and they will all ways greet you. Sometimes they do hassle you but they never mean it in a dangerous way.

Jayne Barlow
Jayne BarlowMansfield, Nottinghamshire

great place to visit. lots of things to see you wouldnt see anywere their real habitats.most of people are great and ready to share their lives,food ect with you.not a dressy up place so be prepared to get a little grubby. excellent holiday.

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