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Mykonos Town (also known as Chora), is a charming, labyrinthine town on Mykonos Island packed with boutiques, restaurants, and buildings so white they put freshly fallen snow to shame. The Little Venice district is where the sea meets up with the city, and the entire place’s vibe reflects the calm …

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Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

Mykonos is an unique little island in Greece, a must see if you ask me. I didn't have enough time back in 2005 trip so I had to stop by on my 2012 trip, with a Athens stopover, came here for only 2 nights but enough time to walk around all over.

@WayneAtherholtSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA

What a stunning place. Loaded with great shopping, winding narrow lanes, excellent little restaurants, and charm oozes out of every corner and gets better as you walk. This is a place to get lost and stop for a drink or pastry periodically until you happen on the waterfront restaurants and then you'll be hungry. Great jewelery shopping too,

Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)
Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)Huntington Beach, California, USA

The Jet-Set Fashionistas all adore Mykonos and there is a reason why! It is Fabulous, Over-The-Top,and is full of Beauliful People. It is where all of the "Pretty People" hang out. The nightlife is the best in Greece and some of the best restaurants in the country such as Nobu are here one the island. You can buy all of the Gucci and Prada you want or go to Super Paradise and "Party All Day"! While it is very Cosmopolitan it still retains that Greek Hospitality everyone has come to expect.

KeaneSan Francisco, California, USA

I loved Mykonos Town. It's clean, the people are friendly, the streets aren't clustered and chaotic, and there's plenty to see. Numerous restaurants provide a bite to eat, while there are plenty of shops and attractions to fill the day.

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