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The country's second city and driving economic force, San Pedro Sula sprawls across the fertile Valle de Sula ('Valley of the Birds' in Usula dialect) at the foot of the Merendón mountain chain, just an hour from the coast. Flat and uninspiring to look at, and for most of the …

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el merendon hike
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Reviews of San Pedro Sula

Camilo Garcia
Camilo Garcia

Beautiful city with a lot of things to do, beach (tela), castle ( omoa), and falls (pullhapanzaq). Dont forget to visit Guamilito (local market plenty of handcrafts) and taste some "baliadas".

Michael Joy
Michael Joy

It's a big city that we had to spend 2 days in for transit. I'm sure if you look hard there are things to do, but it has all the hustle and bustle (aka pollution and crime) that are associated with any big city in Central America. Decently priced flights to spots in Central America leave from the airport, but I can't think of any other reasons to head here.

Yves Lapierre
Yves Lapierre

The city is very beautiful as there are fast food restaurants like Wendys and Burger King.

Quineshay murphy
Quineshay murphy

I had a good time . I went to build a school

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