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Tegucigalpa, otherwise known as Tegus, is the capital of Honduras. Founded in 1578 by Spanish colonists, the city is also Honduras’ most populous city. Its 400 years of history makes it worth exploring culturally, evidenced by the city’s various museums and monuments.

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Manuel Tercero | Trip by SkyscannerBoulevard Morazán
Boulevard Morazán

Reviews of Tegucigalpa

Travis Katz
Travis KatzMenlo Park, California, USA

While there is a lot to see in Honduras, Tegucigalpa is not a place I would recommend spending a lot of time. It is a sleepy, mid sized Central American capital, without much of interest to offer the visitor. I would plan to head straight out to the coast or the rainforest.

Karrabi Wilson
Karrabi Wilson

Travel during daylight hours. Beautiful country.

Alicia Arbelaez
Alicia ArbelaezMedellin

... I don't like ...

Terri Valentine
Terri ValentineElizabethtown, Kentucky

I did not get to see much. I was at the Port of Cortez.

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