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The coastal town is one of Honduras’s most popular mainland beach destinations. The small city is also where you’ll find the Lancetilla Botanical Gardens which contains a beautiful collection of indigenous and medicinal plants. The area is also culturally unique in that this is the home to the Garafuna people, …

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Tambako the Jaguar | FlickrLancatilla Botanical Gardens
Lancatilla Botanical Gardens

Reviews of Tela

Matthias Hagemann
Matthias HagemannStuttgart, Germany

great beaches, nice place, possible trip to an "botanical garden" but it is farer than we thougt long walk, we heard the beaches could be dangorous but we had no problems there

Summer Wilms
Summer WilmsFremantle, Australia

I might be a bit biased about this place. Tela is where I think that I became irreversibly afflicted with the travel bug. I was 14 and it was my first time traveling without my family. I spent about half a day at a Garafuna village where I had my first fresh coconut and my first meal with a face - a whole fried fish, that is. Then I awkwardly danced with the women there at a celebration they were throwing late into the evening - they laughed at me but it was contagious. The town wasn't lively but the beaches were gorgeous and the trip to the village was so much fun and really expanded my horizons.

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