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Dreaming of a vacation in Iceland? Look no further than Vestmannaeyjar. It has something for everyone including Heimaey and Eldfell. Even better, vacations to Vestmannaeyjar don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with a little …

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Jim Barton | Trip by SkyscannerHeimaey
Tarina Peterson | Trip by SkyscannerEldfell
Tarina Peterson | Trip by SkyscannerSæheimar
Johan Siegers | FlickrEldheimar Volcano Museum
Eldheimar Volcano Museum
Jacqueline Krawiecki | Trip by SkyscannerGljufrabui Waterfalls
Gljufrabui Waterfalls

Reviews of Vestmannaeyjar

Tarina Peterson
Tarina PetersonCentennial, Colorado, USA

One of the best parts of my trip to Iceland, and we visited on a whim. I highly recommend taking a tour if you visit as there's so much to learn - about the volcanic history of the place, the recent eruption, the culture, the people. It really is special and is worth the trip.

RachelNew York City, New York State, USA

The Westman Islands was one of my absolute favorite stops on our Iceland trip. A short ferry ride over from the mainland, the archipelago is composed of a cluster of small, generally uninhabited islands (though almost all of them have one cabin built on it that only the men use for hunting) and the main island, Heimaey (or home island). Heimaey's industry and survival relies on fishing and its harbor and fleet is the lifeblood of the community. In 1973, Eldfell, a volcano on Heimaey, opened a fissure on the island and spewed lava and ash for what wound up being roughly 7 months. Luckily, the fleet had been in town due to poor weather, so everyone on the island was able to be evacuated to the mainland and nobody died, but over 400 homes were destroyed and as time went on, the lava began flowing toward the harbor. With the entire fate of Heimaey's survival on the line, the people worked to figure out a way to slow the lava flow, and ultimately stood guard day and night, point fire hoses, pumped with cold water from the sea at the flow until it stopped literally at the harbor entrance. Remnants of the eruption, including a mountainous and vast lava field (complete with markers where where homes and streets used to be), the (accessible) cone of Eldfell, and a home that was dug up from the ash and turned into a museum can be seen and visited on the island. There is also a fun aquarium (also reviewed in my Passport), Puffin sightseeing (though we had a tough time seeing them at the time of year we visited, and just a charming feel all around. I highly recommend the day trip and spending a few hours.

Ebba Gunnarsdóttir
Ebba GunnarsdóttirVestmannaeyjar

I live ther

PepiBarcellona, Spagna

Creo que no hay mejor sitio en todo Islandia donde viajar para ver a los particulares Frailecillos, esas aves tan graciosas que sólo habitan en éste país. Una pequeña Isla con todo lo necesario para abastecerse y pasarlo espectacular. Buenas opciones donde comer y alojarse a precios ostensiblemente más económicos que en el resto de Islandia. Cómo todavía no están bajo la lupa y la lista del turismo en masa, aún se respira paz y tranquilidad. Es perfecto para los amantes de las aves y la fotografía. Hay muy buenas panorámicas desde todos lados! Imperdible.

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