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Bengaluru, as it was officially re-christened in 2006, is the Silicon Valley of India . The Indian IT industry brings in 33% of the city’s income, and has created a boom economy with a large populations of professionals spending money at the bars and nightclubs. American powerhouses Google and Microsoft …

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Things to see and do in Bengaluru

prasanthmj | FlickrLal Bagh Gardens
Lal Bagh Gardens
xbennet | FlickrToit Brewpub
Toit Brewpub
Luke Hornof | Trip by SkyscannerVisvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
C+H | FlickrCubbon Park
Cubbon Park
Kavya Bhat | FlickrPhoenix Marketcity
Phoenix Marketcity
AJ Photographic Art | FlickrBangalore Palace
Bangalore Palace
Luke Hornof | Trip by SkyscannerGurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha
Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha
Hari VK | Trip by SkyscannerThe Island -- CLOSED
The Island -- CLOSED
ashwin kumar | FlickrISKCON Temple Bangalore
ISKCON Temple Bangalore
Gaurav Saxena | Trip by SkyscannerNandi Hills and Skandagiri
Nandi Hills and Skandagiri

Reviews of Bengaluru

Berna C
Berna C

Been to Bangalore 5 times travelling alone for my company. I find it safe even for a female travelling alone but still make sure to share my cab trips with friends and stay connected until i reach my hotel at night.Easy to familiarize yourself with the area and cab apps are very helpfu

Gopi B
Gopi B

Silicon City is not just a name. the city is named for a reason. it's a wonderful place.I recommend people go visit the place and share the experience.

Pragya Gupta
Pragya GuptaSingapore, Singapore

Amazing city because of the residents of Bangalore. It's known for its pubs and beer. The local food in bangalore is really good with top quality south indian restaurants at every corner. Only negative is that the traffic in Bangalore is terrible

Mariya Husain
Mariya HusainIndore, India

BANGALORE!!! one of the largest and most beautiful places in india. All about history, greenaries and awesomeness.Loved it:)

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