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Located at the Northern tip of Sumatra, Banda Aceh is a restive city that has often pushed for autonomy from Indonesia. Notice to travelers: Banda Aceh is ruled by by a harsh form of Sharia Law. Westerners should educate themselves on the potential risks before choosing to visit.

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bast3n | Trip by SkyscannerPLTD Apung I
PLTD Apung I
bast3n | Trip by SkyscannerMasjid Ulee Lheue
Masjid Ulee Lheue
Dedy Unchi | Trip by SkyscannerDedy
bnysju | FlickrAceh Kitecamp
Aceh Kitecamp
durentiga | FlickrBaiturrahman Grand Mosque
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
bnysju | FlickrSeabreeze Kite Club -- CLOSED
Seabreeze Kite Club -- CLOSED

Reviews of Banda Aceh

Yuna Gena
Yuna GenaSamarinda, Indonesia

Despite of its strict regulation due to the influence of Moslem religion practice, Banda Aceh, as the capital city of Aceh Province is still one interesting travel destination, considering its richness of culture, historic, various distinctive delicacies, and also natural beauties. Banda Aceh is one of connections to reach the impressive destination at the most western part of Indonesia, such as Pulau Weh.

Randu Rini
Randu Rini

Aceh is well-known for one of its local delicacy: mie Aceh or Aceh noodle. Toppings such as crab or shrimps make the noodle taste even better. For weak stomach, non-spicy noodle choice is recommended.

Oja El shufa
Oja El shufa

Oman Mosque and Island

Adul Mae
Adul Mae

Masjid raya banda ajeh