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Dreaming of a vacation in Indonesia? Look no further than Makassar. It has something for everyone including Pelabuhan Paotere and Pantai Losari. Even better, vacations to Makassar don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

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Things to see and do in Makassar

Annet | Trip by SkyscannerPelabuhan Paotere
Pelabuhan Paotere
Wijaya Kusuma | Trip by SkyscannerPantai Losari
Pantai Losari
vermachi | Trip by SkyscannerTrans studio
Trans studio
bast3n | Trip by Skyscannersamalona island
samalona island
suchie | Trip by SkyscannerBantimurung
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerFort Rotterdam
Fort Rotterdam
Dundink | Trip by Skyscannermalino
bast3n | Trip by SkyscannerSultan Hasanuddin Cemetary
Sultan Hasanuddin Cemetary
YogaYup | FlickrBenteng Fort Rotterdam
Benteng Fort Rotterdam
SirJoel DeGatta | Trip by SkyscannerWhitestone cell
Whitestone cell

Reviews of Makassar

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney, Australia

The provincial capital of Sulawesi, and its largest city, Makassar is a surprisingly nice place to visit. Chinatown is atmospheric and reminiscent of New Orleans' French Quarter, with a decaying colonial charm; and the seafood warungs here are stocked with delicious and surprisingly cheap fresh fish. It's also the island's commercial capital, and it can be a fascinating experience to wander through any of the countless malls and observe the local form that global commercial culture has taken.

YantiJakarta, Indonesia

The city of Makassar is considered the largest city in and the gateway to the Eastern part of Indonesia. The area is famous for its sailors ancestors who travelled the world in Bugis schooners or Phinisi. The area is also famous for its coffee, Toraja Coffee, and its hand woven silk. Makassar is often visited for those who intend to go to Toraja or diving site, wakatobi island. The local dishes, mainly seafood and coto, among many others are simply delicious! (and spicy)

Diah Ramli
Diah RamliJakarta, Indonesia

TRAVEL WARNING!! Indonesia dangerously Beautiful This is sunset at Losari Beach, Makassar - Indonesia

Àmik Hämsäh
Àmik Hämsäh


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