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As Indonesia's fourth-largest city, Medan occupies a strategic point on Sumatra's northeast coast as a major transit entry point from Malaysia. Though it has a reputation for being a bit noisy and rundown, it is home to some of the country's most exquisite nineteenth-century colonial architecture. The most well-known are …

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Child of Bohemia
Child of BohemiaCape Town, South Africa

I spend in Medan only one day and I cannot say I enjoy it. As another big cities in SA it's very dirty and smoggy. People though wasn't pushy and even-though we walked during night I didn't feel danger. .

Yuna Gena
Yuna GenaSamarinda, Indonesia

I have visited Medan twice and this one of three largest metropolis in Indonesia never turned me down despite of its famous hectic and chaotic traffic. Besides rich for its wide variety and delicious foods, one thing that I like for Medan is the richness of culture since the city is home to well blended various ethnics, which makes it interesting. Moreover, this city is a start point to various beautiful places in the North Sumatra and its surrounding.

Rental Mobil Medan
Rental Mobil MedanMedan Selayang, Sumatera Utara

Medan is the city you will start to another tourist place like bukit lawangto see orang utan etc

Leow Cheng Lam
Leow Cheng LamKlang, Malaysia

What a beautiful place as Lake Toba is here. Here got more Chinese and mostly businessmen. The local cake and kuih is very delicious.

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