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Dreaming of a vacation in Iran? Look no further than Gheshm. It has something for everyone including Stars Valley and Chahkooh. Even better, vacations to Gheshm don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with a …

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omid Nejati
omid NejatiTehran, Iran

Stars Valley, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province Stars Valley is a natural consequence of wind erosion and rainstorm washing out from the Cenozoic period (2 million years ago) up to now. The valley is located in Berkeh Khalaf Village, about 15 kilometers distance from Qeshm City, Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. It is a magnificent gallery of natural features, in a depth of 7 to 15 meters below the original plateau, including columns, sharp cones, arches and edges all made from sand and natural cement. Based on locals' beliefs, the valley was formed after the falling of a star many centuries ago; the name of valley is a reference to that incident. Due to the specific shape and arrangement of columns, wind made noise is audible throughout the valley, inducing a mysterious mood. The latter makes locals to believe in ghost traffic through the valley; they avoid entering to the valley during the evening and night.


dream is come true

Hossein Mahani
Hossein MahaniKerman, Iran

قشم جزیره ای زیبا در خلیج فارس است و با قایق و کشتی می توان از طریق بندرعباس به انجا رفت. ساحل بسیار زیبایی دارد و آثار باستانی دیدنی. اگرچه به دلیل توجه بیش از حد به کیش به این جزیره کم توجهی و کم لطفی شده است. بازارهای قشم نیز قیمتهای مناسبی دارند. برای یک مسافرت یک روزه بسیار مناسب است.

yousef maleki
yousef maleki

خلیج همیشه فارس ایران .قشم

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