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Dreaming of a vacation in Iran? Look no further than Yazd. It has something for everyone including Dolat Abad Garden and Great Mosque of Yazd. Even better, vacations to Yazd don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, …

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Things to see and do in Yazd

saeed dehnavi | Trip by SkyscannerDolat Abad Garden
Dolat Abad Garden
saeed dehnavi | Trip by SkyscannerGreat Mosque of Yazd
Great Mosque of Yazd
saeed dehnavi | Trip by SkyscannerWater Museum (موزه آب)
Water Museum (موزه آب)
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerMeybod
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerAtashkadah
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerTowers of Silence
Towers of Silence
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerBadgirs of Yazd
Badgirs of Yazd
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerKohan Hotel Rooftop
Kohan Hotel Rooftop
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerAmir Chakhmaq Square
Amir Chakhmaq Square
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerIce House of Abarqu
Ice House of Abarqu

Reviews of Yazd

Anisha Shah
Anisha ShahLondon, UK

Sun-baked mud bricks line winding alleyways, arches and courtyards in one of the oldest towns on earth, according to Unesco. Yazd is the focal point of Iran’s Zoroastrian culture. Parched exposed brick gives Yazd the feel of some place ancient. Topped by a jungle of ‘badgir’ wind-towers, the result is a baked-brown stepped horizon. This is the spot in which to get lost and feel removed, as high walls shield houses from the mesh of lanes zigzagging the town. Get to the bazaar’s rooftop for views to leave head spinning. Yazd is the emblem of contrast and antidote to metropolis cities such as Tehran.

HaroldBrooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

This lovely old city, filled with mosques and windtowers, is a highlight of central Iran. A haven for backpackers and adventure travelers and it is easy to see why. Plan to spend a few days so you have a chance to soak up the atmosphere and spend ample time lost in the tiny alleys of this historic treasure.

IRTouring - Iran Tours
IRTouring - Iran ToursEsfahan, Iran

Yazd, Bride of the desert and favourite city of Marcopolo, check tours to this ancient city of Iran: http://irtouring.com

Iftekhar Ahsan
Iftekhar AhsanKolkata (Calcutta), India

The beautiful Jam E Mosque is visible from all over the city and serves as the perfect landmark for lost explorers of Yazd.

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