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La cucina Bolognese (Bolognese cuisine) characterizes this medieval city in the Emilia-Romagna region of northeast Italy. Tortellini stuffed with spinach and cheese, gnocco fritto (giant puffed dough balls served with succulent cured meats) and, of course, bolognese meat sauce are just some of the ever-so-light fare you will be tempted …

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Things to see and do in Bologna

WordRidden | FlickrTorre degli Asinelli
Torre degli Asinelli
Physic Prabsangob | Trip by SkyscannerPiazza del Nettuno
Piazza del Nettuno
Averain | FlickrPiazza Maggiore
Piazza Maggiore
truth82 | FlickrPiazza Santo Stefano
Piazza Santo Stefano
thievingjoker | FlickrFountain of Neptune (Fontana del Nettuno)
Fountain of Neptune (Fontana del Nettuno)
Dimitris Graffin | FlickrFinestra sui Canali
Finestra sui Canali
Much Ramblings | FlickrQuadrilatero
Mary Sevasta | Trip by SkyscannerSantuario della Beata Vergine di San Luca
Santuario della Beata Vergine di San Luca
Dimitris Graffin | FlickrBasilica di San Petronio
Basilica di San Petronio
Tranks | FlickrGhetto Ebraico
Ghetto Ebraico

Reviews of Bologna

Katy Jones
Katy Jones

A lovely small city, not too touristy, easy to get around. Amazing food and great value, not overpriced at all. Lots of beautiful buildings. Aperitivo is a must! And the gelato.

Guiea Labasan
Guiea Labasan

It was a small city, but rich in culture and spiritual aspects beacause of the old churches that lifts your faith. Beautiful architecture from the buildings, the food, the people, it was a great experience.

Chris Behr
Chris BehrEdinburgh, UK

An amazing city filled with culture and a vibrant night life. It’s a shame that the local government doesn’t do more to keep the older buildings in better condition, as quite a few are falling apart. When I visited the streets would heave at night, and there’s an abundance of local spots to explore.

James Gibbons
James GibbonsMiami, Florida, USA

Bologna is a very charming city that has a very local vibe compared to other tourist locations in Italy. The food is amazing so be prepared to eat most of tortellini, bolognese sauce, and lost of mortadella meat. I would recommend one night at most to see the main sights unless the museums seem interesting.

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