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Small, but mighty: Olbia should teach you not to judge a book by its cover. Look past the industrial facade and you'll find a town that's very much alive in culture and history, the beating heart of which is a historic center chockablock with boutiques, cafes, wine bars, and bustling …

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GianCiMagliano Sabina, Italy

Olbia is one of those marine cities where in the evening, just after sunset, it lights up with a splendid artificial light, that of the headlights of the port, the cheerful restaurants, the streets lit by lamp-posts. Pleasant, never static, adventurous, a city for families, but above all for young people, for those who cannot keep their feet on the ground and need the sea, the possibility of renting a ferry and give themselves to the waves, to the islets and coves that dot the vicinity of Olbia. Average costs, recommended for Backpackers and students.

Federica Mennillo
Federica Mennillo

Anton Cherepkov
Anton CherepkovSaratov, Russia

Terése Bondesson
Terése BondessonHalmstad

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