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Despite not being one of Italy's “must-see” cities, and a bit of a reputation for crime (though what major city doesn't have crime?), Palermo is an Italian metropolis full of culture, beautiful architecture, and a uniquely southern style. Separated from the mainland by only a narrow strip of water, Sicily, …

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Anne Lowrey
Anne LowreySan Francisco, California, USA

Many combine their visits to Palermo and Cefalu because they offer such different things but are really not far from one another. Palermo is a fascinating city that's worth visiting, even if just for the day. Lots to see and eat!

Pedro Vargas
Pedro VargasMontreal

Busy and dirty. We did not get a good vibe or maybe Palermo was just not a city for us. We went to close by cities like Mondello and Cefalu which we loved.

KeaneSan Francisco, California, USA

I've been to many places in Italy. If I had to compare Palermo to any other, I'd say it feels like a more industrialized and spread-out Naples: The smog on some streets are bad, so much so that they sting my eyes

Manuela Nadin
Manuela NadinPadua, Italy

Sicily is the most beautiful Region In Italy, for climate, nature, History, food. You can take a tan and ten minutes after visiting a museum or an historical site. There are many monuments to visit. People are calm and typical dishes are really fantastic, expecially seafood. Sweets and cakes are also excellent: granita al caffè, cannoli alla siciliana, cassata. If you go you ought to try all of them.The sea is beautiful also, but not everywhere. It is really fantastic in the islands (Eolie, Egadi, Pelagie) and in Riserva dello Zingaro, close to Trapani. Palermo is a very alive city with nice theatres, restaurant and shops.

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