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Dreaming of a vacation in Italy? Look no further than Pescara. It has something for everyone including Ponte del Mare and Il Bosso. Even better, vacations to Pescara don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you …

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David  Rogers
David Rogers

Great little seaside community. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I wouldn’t recommend this destination in the off months due to the lack of activities they have to offer, but it is very picturesque. The food is great and very affordable, but stay close to city center because it takes awhile to get there by bus or train if you stay outside the center. Great place to relax in the summer or take the kids for a weekend!

Giulia Berardi
Giulia BerardiDüsseldorf, Germany

I'm from this I can only love it :) Btw it' s a good combination between beach and nightlife. it ideal in summer or during the jazz festival. enjoy it !


So beautiful city, I love to see it again and again.....seashore, fish dishes, ice creams, shopping, people, open markets, historic locations, quick gateway to airport, central train stations connected with major European cities, excellent atmosphere while walking in the-seaside long road at afternoon or evening...sports events.... and many more ..

GianCiMagliano Sabina, Italy

The sea has its own way of making the lovers bite and take them with them, place them in front, on the shore washed by its waters and sing stories. This is how I come to tell you about Pescara, a marine city, of fishermen and clear lights, of deep silences that are other ways of being of the sea, of an ancient village to be discovered, with affordable prices and excellent restaurants. A weekend here is for everyone, couples with children, couples who want to treat themselves to two days of romantic sea.

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