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Negril, from the shortened Spanish name Negrillo, is a resort city on Jamaica's southwestern coast. Although Negril is small in size it is definitely big on reputation. Named by the Spanish in 1494 after the black cliffs south of the village the city has, for decades, been synonymous with free-spirited …

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emilyrsnow | Trip by SkyscannerRick's Cafe
Rick's Cafe
channone | FlickrAppleton Estate Rum Experience
Appleton Estate Rum Experience
Heather Daniela | Trip by SkyscannerThe Jungle Night Club and Sports Bar
The Jungle Night Club and Sports Bar
Amie Trombley | Trip by SkyscannerNegril jamaica
Negril jamaica

Reviews of Negril

Minor T
Minor T

Take a trip to Negril… Seven miles of white sand beach along with breathtaking cliffs make Negril a great destination for the day. Stop at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and use it as your base while on the beach. Stroll down the beach, swim or just relax… On the cliffs, make a stop at Rick’s Cafe. At Rick’s you can dine at their restaurant, swim in their pool or for you more adventurous, jump off their cliffs. Rick’s is known for it’s great sunsets but I will have to say the sunsets at “AT LAST” are just as good!

Beaumont's Jamaica Tours
Beaumont's Jamaica ToursKingston, Jamaica

I have a love and hate for Negril. I always travel to this town for maximum a couple of days as it really is a tourist trap. But the white sand beach and the sea is just beautiful. I like to come here and relax, but be ready to be stopped every 5 meters with people trying to sell you anything. Just be friendly, smile back and go your way if you are not interested. I prefer the lower part of the beach where there are less resorts and more local facilities, restaurant and bars. Don't make the mistake to stay all the time in your resort. Get out and explore! Hint: The sunset over the ocean is unforgettable but if you stay at the beach during those hours bring a mosquito spray.

Mary A.
Mary A.Westminster, California, USA

Locals are friendly and helpful. Lots of food options available and some very cheap. Would recommend walking along the beach and enjoying the beautiful views.

Brklyn2LALos Angeles, California, USA

If you are looking to have a good time, Negril is the place to be. It is a PARTY place. You can truly let your hair down here.

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