Osaka Vacations

Heavily bombed during WWII, Osaka makes up in edibles what it lacks in architecture. An Osakan saying is kuidaore, or “eat yourself into ruin,” which you can do with okonomiyaki or self cooked food, block sushi,octopus dumplings, and much more. Nostalgic for those college dormitory days? Visit the Museum of …

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Things to see and do in Osaka

João Silvestre | Trip by SkyscannerOsaka Castle Park
Osaka Castle Park
Manami | Trip by SkyscannerUniversal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan
Kelly Paras | Trip by SkyscannerDotonbori
TenSafeFrogs | FlickrOsaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Xu Yin | Trip by SkyscannerShinsaibashi
みぃ | Trip by SkyscannerUmeda Sky Building
Umeda Sky Building
Sarah G | Trip by SkyscannerOsaka Castle
Osaka Castle
Little J | Trip by SkyscannerAmerikamura
Betty Hsu | Trip by SkyscannerShitenno-ji
Yanti | Trip by SkyscannerUmeda District
Umeda District

Reviews of Osaka

Erwin Bruce
Erwin Bruce

Enjoyed my solo trip in Osaka. I really had a good time, 6 days in Osaka felt kind of short - there’s just so much to see in this region. I’ll definitely come back.

Irene Santos
Irene Santos

I loved Osaka. The bustle and quiet of the place just completely blew me away..

Fang Fang
Fang Fang

Love Osaka, food is amazing. Universal studio there is great but better to purchase express tickets to enjoy as many activities as possible.

Novy Victoriasary
Novy Victoriasary

Very nice place to cisit, not as busy as Tokyo, but better in a very good way..