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Kota Bharu is a socially conservative city on the the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia , close to the border with Thailand . It makes a nice overnight stop between Thailand and the Perhentian Islands , and is a good base for exploring Kelantan state. In the city, travelers can …

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Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB)
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Reviews of Kota Bharu

Leow Cheng Lam
Leow Cheng LamKlang, Malaysia

Kota Bahru is the capital city of Kelantan, the best place to appreciate Kelantanese culture crafts. It is a bustling town famed for its ornately trishaws. The Cultural Centre showcase daily demonstrations of popular folk arts and pastimes such as Wayang Kulit, Silat, Gasing. Wau and Rebana.

@LilyRianiTampines, Singapore

A kite-maker or 'wau' as they call it there are a unique artform only exist in the state of Kelantan in Malaysia. Located in northern most land on the East Coast, it offers a unique blend of food, culture and craftmanship that infuse a touch of Siam. An almost lost art, kite-makers skills and trade secrets are pass to the next generation by blood-line.

Evan Roth-Howe
Evan Roth-HoweBoston, Massachusetts, USA

Don't go too far out of your way for it, but Kota Bharu is an interesting city worth a few days on your way to/from the Perhentian Islands.

Aqil Hadif
Aqil HadifTampines, Singapore


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