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Ringed by jagged mountain peaks and cast in the shadow of the imposing Cerro de la Silla ( or "Saddle Mountain"), Monterrey is city of burgeoning industrial growth set to a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty. The third largest city in Mexico is a place of stark contrasts. Elegant colonial …

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Reviews of Monterrey

Alex Zamarron
Alex ZamarronHouston, Texas, USA

Mexico! A wonderful country with wonderful people. And the food? Even better! Great city if you want a modern atmosphere with a mix of culture. Eat all the tacos you can!

Adriana Torres
Adriana TorresKingwood

A really good place to climb mountains and their food is amazing there is a lot of green places I love it ;)

Mony Bustam A
Mony Bustam AMonterrey

Monterrey is the best place to go to shopping and enjoy some time with friends and family. The best place to visit will be Parque Fundidora.

Max Sugerman
Max SugermanSan Francisco

It's very unfortunate that this city and the region surrounding it have seen such a rise of violence in the past few years. Monterrey is a modern, hospitable city with lots to see, amazing natural beauty and great food

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