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Dreaming of a vacation in Montenegro? Look no further than Podgorica. It has something for everyone including Manastir Ostrog and Moscow Bridge. Even better, vacations to Podgorica don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

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Annabelle Fyfield
Annabelle Fyfield

Podgorica for me is a real strange place but this evenings orange haze made me think again, and it's really damn beautiful.

Mike Howard
Mike HowardSeattle, Washington, USA

Montenegro’s capital city, and most densely populated urban center, Podgorica means business. Emerging from WWII and rebuilt following Eastern Bloc templates as “Titograd” – Podgorica is the administrative, economic, academic and even geographic center of Montenegro. Really. Its within an hour of key coastal cities and mountain resorts. Fly in to Podgorica Int’l Airport, get the lay of the land (lodging runs the gamut from affordable motels to five star hotels), and enjoy the enthusiastic café culture and nightlife. Then explore Montenegro.

Rachel S
Rachel SBerlin, Germany

Compared to the scenic coasts and mountain ranges of Montenegro, I didn't find Podgorica particularly special. But Podgorica (formerly called Titograd during Yugoslav times) is a telling look at the country's past, with Stalinist high-rise buildings and many nice monuments. It's also a good gateway to amazing Montenegro attractions such as the Ostrog monestary (about an hour) and a perfect place to sample Montenegrin delicacies in a laid-back atmosphere for very affordable prices.

Pila González
Pila GonzálezPisek, Czech Republic

I lived in Pogdorica for a month and it seemed like a city that has few attractive places but very nice to walk and get lost. In a couple of days you can visit all the main attractions. Now if you do not like metropolises, you'll be sorry that you do not go to Podgorica. It is the current capital of Montenegro. It is usually very hot and humid in summer seasons. Temperatures of more than 40 degrees. Unbearable The main attractions are: The Milenium Bridge The Moracca River that runs through an impressive canyon. The ruins of Dulka on the outskirts of the city. The fields of vineyards and their routes. The clock tower in the historic center. The Cathedral (of the best of Podgorica) The stone bridge Stari Most. Visit the Castle of King Nikola.

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