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Mandalay is the is the second-largest city, the last royal capital of Burma , and the economic hub of Upper Burma. It is located 716 km (445 mi) north of Yangon on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River and is considered the center of Burmese culture. Mandalay is primarily …

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Things to see and do in Mandalay

Travel + Leisure | Trip by SkyscannerU Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge
Kate Setterlund | Trip by SkyscannerAmarapura, Inwa and Paleik
Amarapura, Inwa and Paleik
paularps | FlickrMandalay palace
Mandalay palace
Patricia Marconato | Trip by SkyscannerMandalay Hill
Mandalay Hill
Fahsai Jayawan | Trip by SkyscannerKuthodaw Pagoda
Kuthodaw Pagoda
Max Hodge | Trip by SkyscannerMahamuni Buddha Temple
Mahamuni Buddha Temple
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerAtumashi Kyaung
Atumashi Kyaung
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerMaha Myat Muni Temple
Maha Myat Muni Temple
Anandajoti | FlickrSandamuni Pagoda
Sandamuni Pagoda
kthypryn | FlickrMandalay Royal Palace
Mandalay Royal Palace

Reviews of Mandalay

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney, Australia

Has ever a name conjured so much romance, with so little payoff, as that of vaunted Mandalay? Poor food and minimal sights to see make this inexplicably famous city one of the least essential stopoffs in Southeast Asia. The Mandalay Palace is a reconstruction in the midst of an army camp, and Mandalay Hill essentially a giant, sad, dusty souvenir shop. People are friendly enough, but the awful culinary scene (even for Burma) makes going here at all a serious question.

Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

Ancient Capital, not far from Bagan! Nice to climb the Manadalay Hill and see the view. Ancient Royal Moat and Palace (not sure if can go inside)

HaroldBrooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

The image of Mandalay is much more romantic than the reality. Mandalay is polluted, busy, and lacks the cultural monuments and historical architecture of other cities. Though you may feel compelled to visit, the biggest plus here is being able to say that you went. If you do visit, ease your pain with a visit to a puppet theater. The attractions here are indoors.


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