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Namibia’s capitol is also the country’s largest and busiest city, yet retains a delightful vibe you’d expect to find only in a smaller town. Visitors flying into Namibia will probably spend their first day or days here and can enjoy the multitude of cultural and historical sites the city has …

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Silke Schreuder | Trip by Skyscannerbwana tucke tucke sightseeing tour
bwana tucke tucke sightseeing tour
birgitkg | FlickrTransNamib Transport Museum
TransNamib Transport Museum
Draha Kellnerová | Trip by SkyscannerNational Art Gallery of Namibia
National Art Gallery of Namibia
Raymond June | FlickrNational Museum of Namibia
National Museum of Namibia

Reviews of Windhoek

Summer Wilms
Summer WilmsFremantle, Australia

Windhoek's downtown is an easy place to get around and, unlike a lot of African cities, is quite attractive. For the most part, it feels pretty safe, too. There's a ton of restaurants - from fast food to fine dining. There lots of tour operators who can hook you up with some awesome tours to the parks and attractions in other parts of the country. There are a few different malls with great shops to stock up on supplies, and a Cymot - Greensport which carries awesome camping and 4x4 gear.

Megan Lee
Megan LeeBerkeley

Windhoek is a smaller city, but the perfect hub for doing some awesome backwoods exploring of the African wilderness. You can hop from Swakopmund on the coast, Etosha game park and the Okavanga Delta in the North, and Luderitz and Sossusvlei in the south all from this charming city (er, glorified town). Namibia is a very stable and safe country to travel in. It's unique history, including separating officially from South Africa in the 1990's, means an opportunity to witness a country still establishing itself and creating an independent identity. It is heavily influenced from past Afrikaner and Dutch colonists, so its not unusual to find white Africans here. It also has a large Christian population. The Owambo people make up the largest ethnic group in Namibia, but each of the 11 tribes each have a rich cultural identity. It really is something you have to see for yourself! Enjoy Namibia, I miss it!

Nomadic by Nature
Nomadic by NatureNairobi, Kenya

I never fully wrapped my head around this place. Super high unemployment, but a clean modern city, the often seems deserted.

J Vasconcelos
J Vasconcelos

I love Namibia! A lot of nature, a lot of good food, very intense. I did not like the transportation system (paid ride) that gives a little fear but then gets used to it.

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