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Dreaming of a trip to Nepal? Biratnagar has everything you need for a great vacation. Better still, visiting and staying in Biratnagar doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, so you can spend a little …

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Suwish Shrestha
Suwish Shrestha

The weather in Biratnagar is extreme,very hot and humid in Summer and very cold in winter. Biratnagar experiences 6 seasons.There are direct trains to the city of Kolkata and the Indian capital New Delhi from Jogbanigional hub for vital air services serving the Eastern part of the country. There are many places in Biratnagar to hang out.For example dhadhiram complex where you can swim and workout. Although very few national tournaments are organized here many regional soccer tournaments can be observed in the sahid maidan(a stadium).You can hang out in casinos and dance bars in city central near the traffic chowk and jana-andolan Chowk area.You can just stroll in the local Hat-bazzars that takes place almost every day of the week.The city also has a theatre named Gurukul which regularly stages various dramas and is a major hub for theatrical artists from across the country and nearby India. There are many recreational parks and libraries dotted around the city.Biratnagar is not a typical tourist city but is a great hub to explore the interesting places in eastern Nepal like Ilam. However, there are many things to do in the city.As a hub for your travel plans in Eastern Nepal, Biratnagar is ideal. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a mere 90 minute drive from the city and is famous for its wildlife, especially for bird-watching enthusiasts. It is also home to the endangered wild buffaloes.

Dawn Reichstadt
Dawn Reichstadt

I flew from Katmandu into Biratnagar found a jeep/taxi to drive to Dharan Bazar during a bus/transportation strike in eastern Nepal....the flight was an adrenaline rush the airport was tiny but full of machine gun toting soldiers and the jeep kept the adventure going!

sayosa ta
sayosa ta

Raj Pradeep
Raj PradeepKakinada

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