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Dreaming of a trip to Papua New Guinea? Lae has everything you need for a great vacation. Better still, visiting and staying in Lae doesn't need to cost you the world. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, so you can spend …

Reviews of Lae

Nomadic by Nature
Nomadic by NatureNairobi, Kenya

This place requires a sense of adventure for sure. Read more about it here: The definition of a frontier town, while also being PNG's second city. It is a port town, full of dusty dirt roads, and very tough people standing around, not looking happy to see you. When I was there in 2010 there was a cholera camp in town, the private security firm Guard Dog had just had a firefight with the Military, and the town (with the help of the military) had lynched a gang of rascals (hardcore gangsters) who had be holding the town in terror with a long run violent crime spree. You are on your own here.

KyleTSydney, Australia

Lived there for 18 months, the culture, weather and humidity maybe too much for some but i loved it. Despise the bout of Malaria.