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The domestic terrorist group Sendero Luminoso was born in Ayacucho, and made the picturesque colonial town a hard sell to tourists for two decades. But the hard times have (mostly) passed, and Ayacucho, or “purple soul” in Quechua, has become an increasingly popular destination. And there are many reasons why: …

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UE en Perú | FlickrSanctuario Pampa de Quinua
Sanctuario Pampa de Quinua
Lorena Flores Agüero | FlickrMirador La Picota
Mirador La Picota
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerMarket  de Chorro or Market 12
Market de Chorro or Market 12
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerQuinua
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerCatarata Pumpapaqcha
Catarata Pumpapaqcha
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerAguas Termales de Colpa
Aguas Termales de Colpa
sarahjadeonline | FlickrUCHPA Lounge
UCHPA Lounge
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerVilcashuamán
Stephanie Frias | Trip by SkyscannerObelisco de la Pampa de la Quinua
Obelisco de la Pampa de la Quinua

Reviews of Ayacucho

Stephanie Frias
Stephanie FriasNomadic in South America

It's a bit of a secret city in regards to tourism, located midway between Paracas and Cusco. The ancient city is home to a stunning 33 historic churches, an impressive collection of indigenous handicrafts, and some of the most epic outdoor adventures in Peru. Hurry up and get here before the word gets out!

Trip Editorial Team
Trip Editorial TeamMenlo Park, California, USA

One of Peru’s most devastating civil conflicts had its roots in Ayacucho, a city high up in the mountains. For decades the area wasn’t safe for locals, much less for visitors, but the city has spent the better part of this millennium recovering from its violent scars. Now, tourists will find a tranquil Andean city with beautiful colonial architecture, highly skilled textile and handicraft producers, and the county’s -- and perhaps one of the world’s -- best Holy Week festivals, all with an authenticity that its isolated location has helped to preserve.

Alix F
Alix FEdinburgh, UK

This city has not had an easy life, and most of the current residents remember all too well the violence and pain of the recent past. But that doesn't mean that this city hasn't come back to life in a lot of ways. This is a great place to get to explore life in the highlands of Peru. It's just as beautiful as Arequipa, but without all of the tourist crowds. Make sure you check out all of the places where the handicrafts that this city is famous for (woven textiles, Huamanga stone work, retablos, etc.) are made, eat the many delicious regional dishes (Qapchi, puca picante, etc.), and relax with the city's fun and laid-back nightlife - karaoke, anyone?

Pamela Quispe Yañez
Pamela Quispe YañezArequipa, Peru

love it... i would go again, specially for "semana santa" and carnavals.

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