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Iquitos is a city in the northern Peruvian Amazon rainforest region. It, along with Brazilian Manaus , is one of the most important ports in the Amazon River basin, specializing in lumber export. The city has become one of the principle research locations for the Amazon rainforest, and serves as …

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Christiam Pedro Escalante Espinoza | Trip by SkyscannerBoulevard - Iquitos
Boulevard - Iquitos
Emilie C. | Trip by SkyscannerPilpintuwasi
Emilie C. | Trip by SkyscannerLatitud Sur
Latitud Sur

Reviews of Iquitos

Ramona Flume
Ramona FlumeAustin, Texas, USA

Iquitios is a bit touristy, but it's a great base camp for any solo or group adventures into the Peruvian Amazon. It's only accessible by plane and boat, but the city streets are usually teeming with locals, tourists and ever-present hordes of moto-taxis. You might just want to pass through on your way to further flung Amazon destinations, but you can still find the largest traditional market in the Peruvian Amazon, local festivals and indigenous communities all within five minutes of Iquitos.

Silvia Ho
Silvia Ho

I spent two nights in the city, lot of mototaxis, very colorful. Then went to a lodge in the Amazon. It was incredible!!! Ceiba Tops Explorama is the name of the lodge

adeline m
adeline mLondon, United Kingdom

Busy, noisy, really hot but amazing! nice night market by the river, with snake dancers, great crafts. The place to go to meet a shaman or visit the herbs and witch market ang get a real taste of Amazonian life .... not always what you'd expect!

Miguel  Muñoz
Miguel Muñoz


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